Luxe Rachel Zoe at QVC

I am a huge fan of Rachel Zoe.  I actually attribute her and her Bravo TV show, The Rachel Zoe Project, for sparking my interest in high fashion.  And I’ll be honest, her book “Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour” changed the way I look at everything.  So of course I was thrilled when Rachel took the leap from stylist to designer and I could purchase items with her stamp of approval.  She started out with an affordable collection for QVC, (yes, the TV channel that your Grandma buys her costume jewelry from,) and has since launched the fabulous Rachel Zoe Collection, sold only in fine department stores.  The Rachel Zoe Collection has been widely successful and seen on celebrities and in fashion editorials everywhere.  However, I can hardly afford to spend $225 on a Zoe staple like a faux fur vest, so I’m thrilled to say that Rachel has continued to work with QVC and produce more pieces for her more affordable collection, Luxe Rachel Zoe.  You go Zoe!  The best part is, you can shop online, (even though I have been known to stay up late to watch her collection launch live on TV!)  I own a few pieces from Luxe Rachel Zoe, and I’ve been very pleased with the quality and materials.  Now if I could just get my hands on a piece from the Rachel Zoe Collection…like this sequin blazer for $495:

Until then, maybe I’ll just rock it’s little sister from Luxe Rachel Zoe, on sale for $83:

Or maybe it’s accessories you crave?

Rachel Zoe Kate Ladybag $425

Luxe Rachel Zoe Pebble Leather Small Flap Handbag (Also available in black) $146

I mean, that’s like, ba-nanas, right?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

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One thought on “Luxe Rachel Zoe at QVC

  1. annalee says:

    loving your finds! thanks for sharing.

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