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Jason Wu for Target…this weekend!

It’s almost here!  Don’t forget that Jason Wu for Target launches online and in select stores this Sunday, February 5.  Get your wishlist together and be ready for possible website meltdowns or your own personal Super Bowl in stores.  In the meantime, get some outfit inspiration from these stars, wearing Jason Wu for Target at the launch party a few weeks ago.

Emmy Rossum (my fav look)

Chloe Moretz

Jaime King

Blake Lively


That’s a lot of cuteness going on.  I really love it all!  I’m going to do my best to score Emmy Rossum’s outfit.  Which look will you be going for?

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Jason Wu for Target

For my inaugural post, I thought I’d cover the collaboration I’m most looking forward to at the moment: Jason Wu for Target.  For those of you that don’t read the little captions next to photos of actresses or models in magazines, you might not be familiar with Jason Wu.  But you’ve seen his work, I promise. 

Recognize this dress?

Thought so.  Mrs. O really put Jason Wu on the map, wearing his designs at many high-profile appearances, and I love me some Michelle Obama style.  Adored by editors and fashionphiles everywhere, you too can own a design by Jason Wu, such as this dress, which retails for a mere $2300 at Saks.


Alternately, you can wait with bated breath for the upcoming Jason Wu for Target collection.  The first designer to follow the very popular Missoni collaboration, Mr. Wu has some big shoes to fill.  It looks like design-wise, he’s right on target.  (har-har.)

Cute right?  Check out this gallery for more, less-modely photos of the collection.  The 53 piece collection will be available online and in select stores February 5, with prices ranging from $19-60, including clothing and accessories.

Let’s just hope that Target has worked out all the kinks from last time.  The hype around this collection is definitely rivaling that of Missoni, only this will be a smaller collection.  (Missoni produced nearly 400 items for the Target collection.)  For those that don’t know, the Missoni collection launch was a nightmare.  Women were fighting Black Friday style in stores, and Target.com was shut down for most of the morning during the launch.  Less than a month after the Missoni debacle, the president of target.com resigned from his position…yikes.  The unprecedented website freakout is something I can totally commiserate with; as an online retailer myself, we just experience an extremely busy Christmas season that we were not expecting at all.  I myself ordered (way more than I’m proud of) from the Missoni for Target collection, and indeed a few items got cancelled months after I ordered them.  Target sent me a $20 gift card to make up for it, which made me happy.  I will probably spend that gift card on Jason Wu!  A lot more goes on with online shopping than you might realize, so if you decide to shop this (or any) online collection, be aware that there might be issues.  Your best bet would be to shop  in stores, but since Target is being very vague with their “select stores” label, who knows how many stores and which ones will actually have the Jason Wu collection.

See the lookbook on facebook here.

Good luck shoppers, and let me know if you score any Jason Wu!

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